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Dematic is the premier supplier of automated solutions for document and record retrieval within the following environments:

  • Library
  • Medical record
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal
  • Military

The Automated Library System (ALS)
The Dematic solution, referred to as the Automated Library System (ALS), is a cost effective and space saving alternative to common document shelving technologies.

Addressing the need for space efficiency, secure and automated document and records handling, ALS is a turnkey design and software solution focused on reliability and maintainability. The solution, developed by a team of experienced industry professionals, is supported by comprehensive services including on-site maintenance, spare parts, modernizations, upgrades and expansions.

Dematic has been installing systems utilizing this technology for the past forty years. ALS have been installed at institutions throughout North America.

Automated Library System Video.

Recent Successes
Long Beach State University
  • Currently Under Construction
  • Three-aisle system, 45 ft tall
  • 6 End-of-aisle workstations
  • 5,100 Storage bins
  • website
University of Utah
  • Currently Under Construction
  • Four-aisle system, 50 ft tall
  • 8 End-of-aisle workstations
  • 19,173 Storage bins
  • Sirsi-Dynix Catalog System
  • website
more successes..

Recent News
July, 2013
Check out the inside of GVSU's new $65 million Mary Idema Pew library
(All Michigan Live Website: Photos featuring Idema Pew library)

May, 2013
Library Unlimited
(Article featuring NC State's ultramodern, high-tech Hunt Library on Centennial Campus)

August, 2011
Radio broadcast interview from Australia with the library director from Macquarie University
(Audio interview featuring the Macquarie University library system)

August, 2011
Full-metal dust jackets and wi-fi in uni's space-age library
(An Article featuring the Macquarie University library system from The Sydney Morning Herald)

July, 2011
A High-Tech Library Keeps Books at Faculty Fingertips—With Robot Help
(Article featuring University of Chicago's library system)

July, 2011
What will it do for NC State?: Chancellor Randy Woodson on the Hunt Library

May, 2011
The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library: How It Works
(Video Update)

April, 2011
The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library: A Construction Retrospective
(Video Update)

August, 2010
The University of Chicago's Joe & Rika Mansueto Library
(Project Update)

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